Classic Ski

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never skied before! Is it too late to have a go?

Why miss out? As long as you are reasonably fit and enthusiastic, age should not be a barrier to enjoyment and success.

Should I go on the dry ski slope?

Certainly try it out - many people will tell you it is easier on the real stuff.

I used to go in a group - but now ...

We cater for individuals and couples -over half our clients travel alone. We provide friendly relaxed holidays, which give you a chance to make new friends on and off the slopes.

I haven't been skiing for years - will it be difficult?

It can be a challenge. But skiers are pleasantly surprised after a long break how easy it seems on modern skis.

Am I too old?

Never! - most of our clients are between 45 - 75 years (in fact one lady is 83) Over 50% of our clients are 65+ and able to take advantage of reduced rates on ski lifts - in some places 75+ passes are free!

Being a woman going skiing on my own can be rather daunting

More than 60% of the individuals holidaying with us are women Perhaps our hassle-free package will suit you. Certainly the well-appointed 3 star hotels being really near to the lifts and slopes make life easier.

Groups are OK - but will I hold the others back?

With only 6 (max) in our ski groups, people can pace themselves and take a rest when it is needed. Your confidence should build up fast. We avoid the crowds of February - so the slopes are largely free of snowboarders.

I'm not sure about 'package' holidays - most ski operators don't cater for singles 50+

Well, we do! We're trying to give a hassle-free deal which leaves clients able to have great fun in the fresh air and with good company.

We offer 'customized flexibility' and strive to reduce costs: